Add Primitives in Layout

Add Plane

This makes adding a plane as easy as adding a Null.
It makes a real geometry plane - you can texture it, deform it, render it. The plugin is just a quick way to create it. Most common use is when you quickly want to map something on a poly: explosions, trees, whatever. Also, you can make those nifty SubPatch landscapes.

Works in all versions of LW from 7.5 upwards.
Add it as Plugin, and put it on a button next to Add Null.
The interface should be self-explaining.

By unchecking the "Save as New Object" option you make the plane temporary. That means, it will behave like any real object for that Lightwave session, but won't be saved to disk. You can use this for quick tests, and maybe save it later. Or not. Its all up to you...

[ download Add Plane ]

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That beeing said, Enjoy!

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