Modeler PlugIn: Object Sequence Saver

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This Script converts your Object Layers into an Object Sequence.

You can use it to fake animated booleans, let things grow, or tear things down. Whenever you need an impossible animation to be done, one that cannot be solved otherwise. As a last ressort, you can do the actual transformation steps in modeler, making every layer one frame of your animation.

Here is one example:
Take an egg, copied to 20 layers. Now I went through all these layers and deleted more and more polys of it. Then, I run the Script, point it to a new directory, and activate the Thickness switch.
Off course, you will come up with much more exciting ObjectSequences.
In Layout, I just load one of the sequence objects, open up the Object Properties Panel, and add the standard ObjectSequence Replacement Plugin. Now, on rendertime and preview time, this object is getting swapped out every frame.