LScript Quickies

This is the place, where I dump all those little scripts that were done for a very specific task. None of them is really revolutionary, probably none of them will make it into your daily toolset. But the ONE occasion that you need to do that task, it can save you hours....

DISCLAIMER: All these LScripts are provided free of charge. Use them at your own risk, and don't blame me for anything going wrong. I appreciate any bugreports and feature wishes, but I am not responsible for any loss of data, time, or sanity.
That beeing said, Enjoy!

Oh - one more thing: If you like those scripts, and use them a lot, please consider making a donation. I still like the idea of free sharing, but I also begin to realize why there is so few quality freeware out there... Even a little token of appreciation, and if its just 5 bucks, will make me feel like my time is not wasted.

Clone All Selected

This Script is just like Layouts built in "Clone".

But unlike the original, it supports multiselections. If you ever tried to clone multiple objects, you know the pain...
Works with Objects, Lights, Bones and Cameras. Every clone will be parented to the same item like its orginal. Simple.

[ download CloneAllSelected ]

Replace All with Object

This is a replacement for Layouts "Replace with Object".

Works exactly like the original, but supports multiselections.
When called, it pops up a file requester, asking you to locate the replacement object file. All selected Items will be replaced with it.

[ download ReplaceAllObjects ]

Keyframe Killer

This script can help you to strip out all motions from a scene. It simply goes through all channels and kills keyframes.

But it leaves all channels intact that are set on "Repeat", like for example spinning light setups. Actually, it preserves anything that is NOT set on the the standard Pre- or Post Behaviour. So, if your scene features an ever-spinning fan, where the Post-Behaviour of the Bank Channel is "Linear", it will preserve that channel.

Also, it will always keep the first keyframe of each channel. No matter, if this is frame 0 or 1. This works on a per-channel basis, so even Morph channels that have the first keyframe at frame 30, will be be preserved.
The other options are pretty much self-explaining: You can switch the affected item type on or off, like for example you can tell it to kill all Object and Light motions, but keep the Camera move. As an alternative, you can tell it to use your current selection (multiselection supported, of course).

[ download KeyframeKiller ]

Save All Objects Plus

This is a replacement for Layouts "Save All Objects" function.

It is less known, but the original command does not account for Object Layers and Clones. Instead, it saves multilayered objects over and over again - once for each layer. Which is totally unnecessary, and can cause a huge delay when working with large scenes.

So, this LScript does it right. It's faster, it's less network traffic, and it even has a nifty colored progress bar.
WARNING: Test it on uncritical data first, to ensure it runs smooth on your system.

[ download SaveAllObjects_Plus ]