Image Editor +

Imagine, you could select any of your textures in Lighwave and just say "Edit in Photoshop". And it starts Photoshop for you, and loads in that image all by itself. No digging on your drive anymore.

Thats exactly what this Script does.
Just like having Photoshop on the Hub.

Plus, its fully configurable: On the Preferences Tab you can put your 4 favourite Image Editing Applications on a button!
Think: HDRShop, AfterFX, ACDSee, whatever... any .exe that can understand commandline arguments. You can test that by dragging an image on the applications shortcut - if it loads it up, it will be fine.

Installation: Works in Lightwave8 on PC only.
Download the zip, Add Plugin to Modeler AND Layout, and edit your Menu to put it on a button, maybe next to Image Editor. It requires Mike Dailly's awesome TextureReload plugin! If you don't have it yet - get it, too.


[ Download ImageEditorPlus v0.9]
[ Download Mike's TextureReload ]

DISCLAIMER: This LScript is provided free of charge. Use it at your own risk, and don't blame me for anything going wrong. I appreciate any bugreports and feature wishes, but I am not responsible for any loss of data, time, or sanity.
That beeing said, Enjoy!

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